Terms And Conditions


The band goes by 50p per mile from where the band is located at its studios in Cardiff. To travel to the venues location.



The band must have 2 hours for full set up of equipment and to have a sound check (3 hours for the 8 piece Big Band set up). A place to change must be provided. Free Food and Drink too for the group. Enough performance space for the musicians to set up all equipment including power supplies and sockets. Location of performance must be secure and protected from outside elements and weather.



Deposit is needed to be cleared no later than 5 days after the invoice is issued or the performance date if the performance is less than 5 days after the invoice is issued. We reserve the right to charge a £25 late payment fee plus interest as per our Terms and Conditions after the event date has passed.



The balance is payable to the performer(s) by bank transfer or cheque to be cleared no later than the performance date (they will invoice you). Performers reserve the right to charge interest in keeping with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

Song Choices

All song choices must be confirmed and the band informed of the songs, at least two months in advance of the performance date.


Insurance And Equipment

All equipment is P.A.T  tested and up to date. The group has public liability Insurance and all members have had D.B.S background checks.


Hiring The Group Through A Third Party Agency

Please note if the group is not hired directly, but hired through a third party agency. The Wedding/ Cooperate Function Packages do not apply. Terms and Conditions from our page do not apply also, when this is the case. Terms and Conditions will only be from what the outside agencies state. Our only insurance policy that would apply is, having a collective of qualified Musicians to cover for any members who can not make a hired Function, due to unforeseen circumstances.