New Royal Valentines Collective Show-Reel!

Really excited to share with you another new Royal Valentines Collective Show-Reel!, featuring more members from the collective and the different band formats we do depending on the chosen packages clients hire the band for. Be it any it any Event such as Weddings, Festivals, Cooperates or Private Party Functions! (more info on the direct band website).
Royal Valentines Collective Show-Reel Link

Again would like to say a huge thank you to all the talented Musicians who gave up their time to be involved in the live recording, Bethan Searle, Linda Breathnach, Dimitris Kolefas, Ben Campbell, Tobi Gough, Ieuan Macey, Owain Hughes, Daniel Newberry, Lloyd Pearce and Morgan Rees. Also Tobi Gough and Matt Ward from Skyray Audio Production for the filming, recording and mixing! and Linda Dumitru for all the brass arrangements too! ??????
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*We do not own the rights to these songs, we are claiming fair use of the songs and making it clear these are covers. To advertise a covers band*

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