Holiday Park Announcements For 2020!

There are a few Holiday Park Venues the band will be performing at in 2020 with more to be confirmed! as well as many other Functions such as Weddings and Party hires already pre-booked! with all these pre-booked dates and more that will develop through out next year, 2020 looks like a busy year for The Royal Valentines! please read more to find a list of the confirmed Holiday Parks the band will be performing at

First of the Holiday Park Venues confirmed for us to perform at is New Beach Holiday Park on 02/05/20, 9pm start

Second of the Holiday Park Venues confirmed, RJ Brean Leisure Park 29/05/20 9pm start

Third Holiday Park 30/05/20 9pm start at Beachcomber Holiday Park

Fourth Park at RJ Brean Leisure Park again! 9pm start

Fifth we are also again at Beachcomber Holiday Park! 9pm start

Sixth Venue preforming at Birchington Vale Holiday Park, 9pm start

Seventh and final confirmed Holiday Park Venue (at the moment), the Royal Valentines are performing at Marlie Holiday Park, 9pm start