Corporate packages

For corporate events we normally provide two 45 minute sets (with 15 minute break in between set) and the band will learn an extra song of your choice. We can also provide an extra 30 minute acoustic set before the main two sets, with a choice from the following options:

  • Acoustic guitar and vocals
  • Piano and vocals
  • Instrumental acoustic guitar or piano background music

The Sound Engineer can provide DJ service of music through the PA on the bands break and before our sets (if requested)

We always have emergency professional dep (deputy) musicians in place if members can’t make it to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Get in touch for more info

If you would like to book us for your corporate event please get in touch via our contact form. Please provide as much information as possible such as date and time of the event, type of event, any specific requirements you have and we will be more than happy to provide a no obligation quotation. Please click here to see our standard terms and conditions which apply to all bookings.